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Halcyon have been asked to build a play area for the TEABAG charity in Ghana.
Our work will commence in Mankoadze, Autumn 2011.

Mankoadze is a village of 3,000 people of all ages. It is situated an hour and a half by car from the Ghanaian capital Accra. Before the new coast road was built, with Japanese aid, it used to take three and a half hours to drive to the village.

Turning left off the main coast highway the tarmac road finishes after a mile and a half, turning into a dark red dirt track. Water and electricity are supplied to the village but the cost is out of reach for most of the villagers. There are a number of street lights where at night villagers gather, set out their tables and sell a variety of things such as second-hand shoes, small plastic bags filled with rice or peeled fruit. Now and then the power fails and the village falls into darkness - and when it's dark in the village, it's really dark!

The primary schools TEABAG supports in the villages of Mankoadze, Onyadze and Abrekum are typical of the image westerners imagine an African school to be.

The main building in Mankoadze is 45 metres long with 5 classrooms. Each room has a door and a shuttered window leading out on both sides to a verandah which runs the length of the building. Each class has the old type wooden tables for each child and a table and chair for the teacher. A large blackboard occupies most of one of the end walls and there are few or no posters at all on the classroom walls. In the older student classrooms there is some teaching material on the wall provided by some British teachers who made a trip with TEABAG last year. Teaching text books are in short supply. The children learn their lessons parrot fashion. Most of the teachers still use a stick to 'encourage' their lazy students. On this visit TEABAG paid for the school to buy 4 exercise books and a pencil for each pupil. It has now been sponsoring students in Ghana for six years.

You can find out more about the TEABAG charity at

The TEABAG Charity
Halcyon have been asked to build a play area for the TEABAG charity in Ghana. Read more

Timber Playground Structures

Timber Playground Structures
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Halcyon is proud to be supporting the TEABAG Charity in Ghana.